What is an Insulated Glass Unit?

An insulated glass unit (IGU for short) is also known as dual glazing, or double pane. The window commonly consists of two panes of glass separated by a spacer and sealed at the edges. Unlike single pane glass, if one pane of glass is broken the entire unit must be replaced.

Components of an Insulated Glass Unit

  • Frame – Window frames can be made up of several different designs and materials. While they are typically manufactured from wood, vinyl or aluminum, the styles range from operable to fixed.
  • Glass – The glass in insulated glass units vary in thickness and type. Laminated or tempered glass is common, especially if security is a concern.
  • Spacer – Spacers maintain a uniform separation between two panes of glass. That gap has a direct effect on the window’s energy efficiency.
  • Gas – The type of noble gas used varies by manufacturer, but argon or krypton are used most often. The gas diffuses more heat transfer than air, making the unit more energy efficient.


Benefits of Dual Glazing

  • Reduces noise transmission
  • Reduces the amount of air infiltration
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Increases property values